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Watkins Glen Vintage Event – Downtown Friday

Hi Everyone,

I am attaching a few pictures taken Friday (9/07/12) during the Vintage event in downtown Watkins Glen; one of my favorite days of the year. Ellen and I register every year to run the Red Newt Winery Founders Tour. I normally drive the Miata, but with Mustang being the 2012 Marque of the Year, we drove the ’93 Cobra Mustang this year instead. The rally (tour) dapoxetine uk buy online dapoxetine in india online generic dapoxetine started at Red Newt Winery in Hector, and transversed about 80 miles through the beautiful Fingerlakes countryside, ending up at Watkins Glen State Park. There we enjoyed lunch provided by Red Newt Winery. Around 2 pm, our tour group staged and ran two laps of the old course (1948 – 1952) which is a blast assuming you don’t get behind a low powered MGTD or something similiar. (We staged intentionally behind a group of Cobras to avoid that situation!)

Following the laps, our group had reserved parking downtown across from the lower entrance to the State Park. Being the year of the Mustang, a separate tour group of Mustangs drove up from Wings of Eagles Air Museum in Horseheads, and were parked at Lafayette Park. Bob and Carol Seidel were among that group and had driven their beautiful ’68 Mustang ragtop. There were gorgeous examples of every era Mustang represented there, from first generation cars up to new Shelbys and Boss 302’s.

The crowds downtown during the afternoon were amazing, and the activities plentiful. Around 4:30 pm, selected race cars from the track were driven downtown and parked on Franklin Street to be on display. Watkins Glen must be one of the very few venues in the country were race cars are permitted to drive on public roads for such an event. It is truly impressive to experience, and pays tribute to the incredible history of road racing in America, with Watkins Glen playing a significant role. Around 6:00 pm, the race cars were fired up and began their spirited drive around the old race course during a two lap reinactment of the original races held in Watkins Glen. To hear hundreds of race engines fire up, especially the American V8’s, sends chills up my spine, and is among my favorite automotive moments of the year. Although some of the race cars are quite old, dating dec 27, 2011 – buy prednisone online india people on prednisone does deltasone needs prescription how to order deltasone online without prescription back to the 1920’s and ’30’s, I’m not aware of many cars that were unable to complete the two laps, other than an MGB and an older Porsche 914.

Although the actual vintage racing takes place at the current track during Saturday and Sunday, the Friday activities downtown continue to be my favorite. The atmosphere, the people, the cars, all the sights and sounds make it a very special event that could only take place in a town that embraces its history of road racing as Watkins Glen does. I get to see friends viagra and dapoxetine online Рcheap drugs with quick shipping. dosage full article buy online with generic sertraline pharmacies depakote divalproex  that I may only see once a year, This year was special in that my son Michael and his girlfriend were able to join us downtown in the afternoon. Although Michael has been attending events at the track with me since he was in a stroller, this year was his first Vintage Friday experience, since he has always been in school by then. I think he had a great time as well.

On a personal note, some have recognized that whether I’m driving a Miata or Mustang, on this day I always wear a red Porsche shirt. I first got involved in the Friday vintage activities during the mid-1990’s when a good friend and business associate asked me to join him as his navigator during the Glenora Run; another rally run as part of this vintage weekend. Bill drove a beautiful black 1992 Porsche 968 Cabriolet; the final and best version of the 944 series Porsches. We had a great time doing this event for many years, and Bill was intent we represent the Porsche marque by wearing matching red Porsche shirts. After several years he moved from the Rochester area to Florida to be with his aging mother who was in a nursing home. In 2007 Bill was diagnosed with a form of leukemia and buy estrace online, generic estradiol pills, generic norgestrel and ethinyl estradiol . passed away within just a few months. I wear my Porsche shirt just once a year in tribute to a past good friend and overall good guy.

Enjoy the selected pictures; keep in mind they focus on the entire vintage event, not just Mustangs. There’s an entire world medications related to buy dapoxetine online in australia. affordable price, worldwide delivery guaranteed. of exciting and special cars out there beyond the Mustang marque.

Bob Boote

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    I want to join

    1. Hi Kevin,

      Send an email to Bob Seidel – . He is the club President and will fill you in on joining the club.


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