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Greene Cruise Night – August 30, 2012

The Mustang club was invited to this Thursday evenings Greene Cruise-In, usually reserved for bikers. We had nine Mustangs and one Harley cruise to Greene from the BK on Front Street, and Bob Seidel had arranged for us to have reserved parking spots on the main drag. There were probably a couple hundred bikes, mostly Harleys, in attendance, but other than our Mustangs, only three other cars were on display.

One of those cars that caught my eye was a barn-fresh, unrestored 1964 Corvette roadster with hardtop. I talked to the young guy that had brought it – the ‘Vette was his fathers car and had been sitting in a barn in Albany for 30 years until last month when it was pulled out and he drove it to his home in Greene. The car obviously has many of the styling cues of a modified ‘Vette from the late ’60 – early ’70’s. (Fender flares, deep dish Cragar SS rims, M/T valve covers, column mounted tach, Hurst, relocated headlights into the grille area). It had obviously been rode hard and put away wet, and not well cared for while in hibernation. I expect the engine was a 327. When he started it to leave, it sounded downright nasty. The owner plans to fix it up as time and money allows. I told him if it were mine, I’d repair the mechanicals to make it safe and reliable, but otherwise leave the aged patina as-is. It was a pretty cool looking automotive time capsule right out of the ’70’s.

There was a live band playing old rock music, and a lot’s of people having a good time on a gorgeous late summer evening. At the end of the evening one guy couldn’t get his bike started (a Suzuki). Kevin Paley and I tried to jump  it, first using a battery jump-pack, and then jumper cables. It still wouldn’t start (starter?) so I gave him a ride home. He told me that he’s been wanting to replace the Suzuki with a Harley and now he has a reason to do so. Interesting that there were a couple hundred bikers in attendance but it was the Mustang guys that came to his rescue. I guess it’s difficult to carry tool kits and jumper cables on a motorcycle.

— Bob Boote

WARNING: Non-Mustang pictures included – proceed at your own risk …. 😉


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