Sep 08

2015 Ford Mustang production begins in Flat Rock

Those of you waiting for a 2015 Ford Mustang are one step closer today as production begins at the Flat Rock, Mich., assembly plant. The new ponycar goes on sale this fall.

For the first time, the Mustang will be exported globally to more than 120 countries. A right-hand drive version will be sold in the U.K., Australia and South Africa. Ford has sold 9.2 million Mustangs in the model’s 50-year history.

The Flat Rock Plant underwent a $555-million investment in the last year, part of which went toward tooling up for the new car. It added a flexible body shop that allows multiple models to be produced on the same line, as well as new paint, dirt detection and laser brazing technologies.

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Jul 20

F-35 Ford Mustang ready to fly…on the ground | Fox News

Check out this pony…

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Jun 06

Want a Boss Mustang? Check these out…

Want a Boss Mustang?  Check these out on Mustangs Daily and Mecum Auctions jan 22, 2014

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May 01

Watch ‘The Million Dollar Mustang’ part one: Shelby GT350 R

Nearly five years in the making, the documentary starts out talking about the Ford Mustang in general, how they sold 22,000 of them on the first sales day and then sold a million of them in the first two years and things like that — the notion that the Mustang was a revolution in American car design and in the American consciousness. Then it starts to narrow its focus more and pretty soon the bulk of the piece is all about the Shelby GT350 R. This is a good place for it to go because that car, made by Carroll Shelby and his team of motorsports greats, took the Falcon-based economy car and made it corner and brake just as well as it accelerated, for the most part. Once it gets set on that particular Shelby, the film really goes to town.

Look for the first of nine episodes here, then watch about every month and a half after that for a new installment. All viewing is free. The only thing that could potentially change it all is if the producers made some kind of last-minute TV deal for the series, which might or might not happen. But for now, it’s all free and all Mustang, all the time.

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Apr 22

2015 Ford Mustang order guide leaked

The 2015 Ford Mustang order guide is now available to U.S. dealers. One dealer in particular took screenshots of all the order codes and posted them online, giving us a good look at the different options for the new ‘Stang, revealing almost everything except the base price.

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Apr 08

Rare Vintage Photos of Mustang I and XD Cobra

It’s hardly surprising that our readers want to share their memories of the Ford Mustang — 50 years is a long time for an automotive nameplate to endure, and the model’s upcoming 50th anniversary is as good excuse as any to look back on the experiences that have made the car an enthusiast hit.

Take William Drew, who had a close encounter with pony car history when he saw the Mustang I concept, plus a rare Ghia-bodied Shelby Cobra concept, at an auto dealer in Dallas in 1970. His slides (taken with a Yashica camera, he notes) show the unusual cars in the nice, bright colors of Kodachrome.

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Apr 01

Ford once planned to race fiberglass-bodied Mustang touring cars

Tucked away on page nine of the May 9, 1964 issue of Competition Press and Autoweek is an intriguing little story: “FIA Rejects Ford Bid for Homolgation [sic].”

At the time, the Mustang had just made its world debut, but Ford was already scheming to fold the car into its “Total Performance” campaign. The automaker apparently proposed to do so with a fleet of crazy fiberglass-bodied touring cars

According to Competition Press, Ford tried to get the new Mustang classified as a touring car for international racing. “Ford’s request for homologation,” we explained, “described the Mustang as a car with all fiberglass body, disc brakes on all four wheels, and a 289 cubic-inch displacement engine equipped with four dual-throat Weber carburetors.

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Mar 25

Mint 1969 Shelby GT500 found under 40 years of dust

Buried for 40 years!  Click HERE for the story.

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Mar 04

Next Generation GT350 Spied in LA

Ford certainly doesn’t seem to be trying to conceal much with the design of the new Mustang GT350 replacement considering it’s been spotted again roaring through LA with a pretty light disguise.

But then again, we suspect that the biggest surprise for the higher performance model will come under the hood as it should.

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Feb 20

Tickets now available for the May 8th Pasta Dinner Cruise Inn

All tickets are PRE-sale only (we have 500). If you would like to help with sale tickets or would like some for yourself you can contact me , Ron ( or Willy ( Remember this is for a good cause, a good meal and a fun time out for $ 8.00. there will be three trophies given out to cars that participate in the Cruise-in and club cars are eligible . The cars chosen for the awards will be picked the Mayor of Endicott , a member of the Sons of Italy and a member from New Life .

Last year’s donation By Triple City Street Rods and the Cruisin Buddies to this program was over $1000.00. Can we go over that this year ? We can if we sell all the tickets . Last year there were over 350 tickets sold lets sell all 500 this year .

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