Jul 18

First 1,000 next-gen Mustangs to be limited edition 2014 1/2 models

Back in November a Ford social media representative on TheMustangSource.com forums posted that Ford would produce a limited number of 2014 ½ Mustangs to celebrate the car’s 50th anniversary. “The 2014 ½ will be the 50th Anniversary edition,” the representative stated. “It will be added to production baclofen drug no prescription: december 8, 2014, 12:21. cheapest buy baclofen uk order, buying baclofen buy in london. ordering baclofen cheap canada : for a limited run sometime during the year.” She later retracted the statement, saying,” Okay, we made a mistake. We misunderstood the information and we’re sorry for causing all this confusion.

Read the rest of the article published in mustangsdaily.com here.

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