Sep 12

Dirty cars – what collectors want

OK – I guess this is one of those ‘to each his own’ deals. I have never understood the ‘dirty car’ concept. Unrestored, yes, leaving it dirty though? No – not me. Clean the car off buy – prozac online for the enduring hurting from repeated where to buy online pharmacy prozac no prescription buy prozac london and empty the ash trays – unless it belongs to a famous person. Or better yet, empty the ash trays and sell the butts on E-Bay and make money to finance your next Mustang purchase … 😉

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    • Bob Boote on September 16, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    I agree. Leaving the dirt on an old collector car because it makes it worth more is just plain stupid, and takes the “unrestored / patina” concept a bit too far. My ’93 Mustang Cobra was also a “barnfind” of sorts, but I wasn’t inclined to leave the birdcrap all over the roof and trunk.
    I also think some of the “rat rods”, such as some of those we see at the Barnes & Noble Cruise-In take that idea too far. I believe those clunkers are just an indicator that the owner / builder has neither the competence, ability, or patience to construct a proper vehicle. Then they call it a rat rod and expect people to think their cobbed together mismatched collection of parts is “cool”. Again – to each his own, but to me these cars are junk and a poor excuse of the automotive hobby.

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