May 01

Watch ‘The Million Dollar Mustang’ part one: Shelby GT350 R

Nearly five years in the making, the documentary starts out talking about the Ford Mustang in general, how they sold 22,000 of them on the first sales day and then sold a million of them in the first two years and things like that — the notion that the Mustang was a revolution in American car design and in the American consciousness. Then it starts to narrow its focus more and pretty soon the bulk of the piece is all about the Shelby GT350 R. This is a good place for it to go because that car, made by Carroll Shelby and his team of motorsports greats, took the Falcon-based economy car and made it corner and brake just as well as it accelerated, for the most part. Once it gets set on that particular Shelby, the film really goes to town.

Look for the first of nine episodes here, then watch about every month and a half after that for a new installment. All viewing is free. The only thing that could potentially change it all is if the producers made some kind of last-minute TV deal for the series, which might or might not happen. But for now, it’s all free and all Mustang, all the time.

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